October 29, 1998

Gestures That Grow Larger Than Life
by Jennifer Dunning

Jacqulyn Buglisi and Donlin Foreman... larger-than-life values were typified by "A Season of Premiers," presented by Buglisi/Foreman Dance on Friday night.

Most of the six new and recent works addressed larger-than-life emotions, with handsome sets and subtle washes of color by the lighting designer Clifton Taylor.

Ms. Buglisi gave Terese Capucilli and unaccustomed opportunity to be amusing in "Against All Odds (Quand Meme)," and evocation of Sarah Bernhardt, mercifully without her wooden leg, to Rachmaninoff and Bernhardt's own voice. That voice and acting style seem almost ridiculously overwrought in a time when chill irony rules. But Ms. Buglisi and Ms. Capucilli give a witty inflection of flirtatious passion to every move.

Mr. Foreman's most appealing new work was "From Pent-Up, Aching RIvers," a love duet in which Miki Orihara and Stephen Pier moved as if joined by some heedless centripetal force of nature. Carmen de Lavallade's simple, forceful live reading of a Walt Whitman poem set the tone of the dance, which was performed to Rachmaninoff...

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