“The Best of 2001 – Speaking Without Words” by Sylviane Gold of Newsday named B/FD a top ten dance moment of the year. Company performances also received accolades in Lisa Jo Sagolla’s “Highlights 2001” for Backstage. The cover of Dance Teacher magazine, December 2001, exhibited striking photos of the Company by Eduardo Patino with a feature article by Iris Dorbian. Exclusive “Step by Step” partnering combinations appeared in this issue with Mécène and Predmore and in January 2002 with Orihara and Pier. Thank you Julie Davis and Caitlin Simms.
  The dances, by Buglisi and Foreman, provide connection for the brain, comfort for the soul. Is there a better reason to leave the house these days?
(Sylviane Gold, Newsday)
  Requiem,” a stunning new piece by Buglisi, is typical of the creative breakthrough achieved by this husband and wife team in the last three years… gripping and sustained images… rapturously danced. (Anna Kisselgoff, NY Times)
  One of the pleasures in watching Buglisi/Foreman …is the perspective these two choreographers have on human nature. While much of the world and human behavior may often seem base and ugly, these two disciples of Martha Graham make dances that dignify the body with good ideas. (Francis Mason, WQXR: The World of Dance)  
  … the most imaginative creative voices in American modern dance. Buglisi and Foreman have come from Graham roots; yet, they have eased out from under the great woman’s legacy to become significant creators on their own. They both have superb taste, and a level of professional intelligence that continually uncovers tasty new ingredients, like the sprightly composer Lisa DeSpain. (Phyllis Goldman, BackStage)  
  … substance, power and restraint…superb performers (Sylviane Gold, Newsday)  
  The witty beat and slippery slides of Ms. DeSpain's music in "Lisa D." were captured by the Cassatt String Quartet…engaging … light and well structured
(Anna Kisselgoff, New York Times)
  We can't thank you enough for a truly inspiring week at the Joyce and such a rewarding collaboration for us. It is a joy to work with all of you; your ingenuity and grace has made our time on stage with you a highlight of our year.
(The Cassatt String Quartet)
  Lisa D.…a jubilant romp for three men (Walter Cinquinella, Stephen Pier and Kevin Predmore) and one woman, Virginie Mécène… a petite and quicksilver figure…driven by the jazzy and full-bodied score… (Michael Fressola, Staten Island Live)  
  …Foreman’s “Dances for Seven”… a rapturous emotional statement in the blink of an eye… (Susan Yung, The Dance Insider)  
  One of the recurring themes I see in Donlin’s approach to this piece [Dances for Seven] is that these are not dances, but conversations.
(Andrea Homer-MacDonald, Choreographic Analysis Paper)
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